for keeps...

this is

pure & honest


thoughtful & carefree

this is for the

about connection.

this is


this is


this is intentional
its about connection
this is for the thoughtful & the carefree
this is for the pure & the honest.

This is for keeps


i'm here to help you tell the story of your life through timeless imagery & to graciously document your love.

i'm not here to create magic, i'm here to show you it already exists within your story & most of all within you.

your film + digital pacific northwest INTIMATE WEDDING & Elopement photographer  specializing in the beauty of human connection. 






let's work together & celebrate the beauty of your unique human experience  

 i would love to connect with you.

"My husband and I are admittedly awkward during photo shoot sessions. It’s difficult for us to become a cohesive unit with a photographer and get the photos our hearts desire. With Sarah, we instantly clicked and were in sync. Sarah made us feel comfortable and confident to be our goofy selves and captured every loving moment. She truly has an ‘eye’ for photography and her product demonstrates that! Grateful for the gorgeous photos we have received."

– naivasha & steven

"Sarah has the purest heart & the most grounding personality. I have had many opportunities being in front of her camera & behind the scenes & I’ve never had more fun or felt more beautiful. She makes being awkward or uncomfortable a thing of the past. Seriously, all those feelings disappear when you step in front of her lens & that is only one of her MANY talents. This woman is full of love, strength, kindness & wisdom, on top of being an incredible photographer/artist (please pronounce that as ‘arteeest’) 100/100 recommend! - now go book a sesh & see the magic for yourself"

– kasity

"This lady has such a fun, comforting personality while shooting. Her photography aesthetic is beautiful and pushes beyond the standard. Along with her beautiful work, she is simply the sweetest human you will ever meet. She aims to give you the best experience and the best photographs. She is quick to reply and always delivers the most amazing work. Worth every single penny and then some."

– kiersten 

"Sarah Marie Photo is more than just photography, it’s an experience. Sarah is so fun, caring, and comfortable to work with. She is patient and makes sure to ease any worries and concerns while most importantly making the experience fun!! Not to mention the photos you end up with are nothing short of amazing. I would highly recommend Sarah for all photography needs. She is beyond talented and her artistic style is unique and timeless."

– jessica 

"Sarah was SO amazing to work with! She brought fresh flowers and props to our shoot, drove super far to meet me, and made me feel super comfortable! As a fellow photographer she impacted me a lot and made me remember how chill and fun photo shoots are! She talked to me like she was a big sister and made me feel like I’d known her for so long. It was my first time ever getting professional photos done of myself and she made me feel so comfortable, despite me being nervous at first. And beyond comfortability, she made me feel like a freaking model! She took her time and was so chill, honest, and real! Sarah is all around just the sickest, cutest, most talented girl. And she delivered the sickest pictures!"

– cloey

"We loved working with Sarah so much. I am very very picky lol Intentional! It means the most to me to be able to connect with Sarah so easily. This wasn't just a photo shoot for me & she made it everything! We appreciate Sarah’s spirit & passion - I’m in LOVE."

– ciara + anthony

"We had so much fun with Sarah. She made us feel so special and comfortable during our shoot. Lots of laughter and smiles. We would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to capture special moments with their partner."

– jessi + connor

"Let me tell you, my bunch is not the easiest to handle, we’re crazy, loud, slightly destructive & not easy to wrangle. But Sarah did the most phenomenal job! Never once did she get flustered or lose the smile on her face, she embraced every minute of our session & just kept snapping pictures & she got some of the best candid photos, i'm in love! I highly recommend going to her if you are thinking of having any photos taken!"


"As someone who had no experience with professional photos, I was really anxious about my portrait session! Sarah was so great from the start. She responded quickly to my inquiry and responded to my texts and emails in a timely manner. On the day of the shoot, she empathized with my awkwardness, chose low-traffic areas so I wouldn’t feel watched and gave me every pose direction I needed. She was sweet, personable and easy to talk to. The result was dozens of high-quality, beautiful photos. I’m already planning on hiring her a couple more times!"


from clients & friends